Software Security

SQL Injection | Java Code Example | Security Attacks

An overview of the SQL Injection attack is first discussed and then followed by how the written java code can be dangerous that can reveal important private information. No programmers introduce vulnerabilities into the production code intentionally, but the programmer's ignorance is exploited by attackers. You will notice how great-looking code is not so secure. These nuances are discussed in detail with examples.

SQL Injection Solution | Java Example | Security

In continuation to the SQL Injection video, in this video, we discuss the prevention methods. Three secure coding techniques prevent the attack and secure the data. Code with confidence. Keep the secure programming principle in mind. Attackers don't spare your ignorance.

What is Authentication | Authentication Types | MFA | Security

In this security category technical video, we present you the Authentication topic. You will understand what authentication, authentication types and Multi-factor authentication are.

Integers and vulnerabilities

We present to you the basic data types integers' introduction and numeric errors that could lead to catastrophic errors including crashes and non-deterministic results. The Follow-up video will contain the code snippets to help you understand the theory part explained in this video.

Integers Secure Coding | Java Examples | Security

Integers data type false coding can cause catastrophic errors, financial transactions malfunctioning and indeterministic results. In this video, you will understand how to code securely to avoid vulnerabilities and protect important data